Step 1 - Raspberry Pi

Use metal spacers to attach the Raspberry Pi to the bottom part of the aluminium case.

Step 2 - Monarco HAT

Attach the Monarco HAT on top of the Raspberry Pi and use screws to fasten it.

Step 3 - Side panels

Mount the side panels and fasten them with screws.

Step 4 - Closing the case

Mount the cover and fasten it with screws.

Step 5 - Connector and micro SD card

Make sure that the locking levers are in the middle position and plug in the connector. Also push in a flashed micro SD card.

Step 6 - Mounting feet

Insert mounting feet according to your preferences. This is for vertical mounting...

and this is for horizontal mounting...

Step 7 - DIN rail mounting

The aluminium case allows for vertical mounting...

as well as horizontal mounting...

Congratulations, your miniature industrial PC (or PLC if you prefer) is ready for use!